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With her gentle demeanor, bandit markings, and her big blue eyes, Luna has completely captivated us.  Luna’s elegant nature, delicate frame, and gorgeous blue merle coat are an unbeatable combination.  

AKC/ASCA/ASDR registered and 100% purebred.  The daughter of a service dog and sister to Hippo, Luna reminds us that new beginnings can be a wonderful adventure with the right friend by your side.

Drive: Medium-Low

Prelim OFA Hips:  Good
Prelim OFA Elbows:  Negative/Normal
OFA eyes:  Normal

Full Panel Genetic Testing:  All Normal/Clear
See my results at

Did you know?  Prelim testing is for dogs under 24 months old.  Dogs receiving a "Good" preliminary grade have a reliability of over 95% to receive a normal final OFA Hip grade when the test is performed at 18 months of age.  Luna was 18 months when her prelims were performed and will be old enough to receive her finals in September 2024.



Fainche (pronounced “Finch”) comes to us from a breeder down in South Carolina.  Originally from Texas, Fainche is low-drive and our most people-friendly adult.  “She’s a traitor for a treat,”they said when we met her, and we agree!  This girl loves everyone.

We plan to experiment by breeding her with our higher-drive sire Hippo for the more traditional Aussie temperament, and with Bear for what we believe will produce a slightly more mellow litter.  Fainche is such a good girl - another Aussie “hugger,” we are so proud to add her to our program!

Drive:  Couch Potato

OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows:  Normal
OFA Eyes:  Normal

Full Panel Genetic Testing:  MDR1/Clear on all other counts 

See my results at Canine Health Check:
(digital link coming soon - physical paperwork in hand)



Amber was born and raised in Blacksburg, South Carolina, and she came to us in March 2024.  Amber loves her pack and has quickly settled in, adopting us as her own.  We love her bright, happy eyes and her big fluffy coat.

Drive:  Medium-Low

OFA Hips: Excellent 
OFA Elbows:  Normal
OFA Eyes:  Normal (noninherited scar from previous eye injury)

Full Panel Genetic Testing:  MDR1/Clear on all other counts
See my results at Canine Health Check: (digital link coming soon - physical paperwork in hand)

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