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Peonies and Puppies

The peonies have started blooming on the Hill and puppies are finding wonderful forever homes.  In the midst of all this beauty, I am working on several projects, the first being a patio out back for the dogs, and the second, new fencing!  I’m also working on a more stringent application process on the advice of mentors, but that will be rolled out later.
In the meantime, we still do business based on mutual trust and getting to know one another here … and we have six pups to choose from!

Chandler was born on Christmas Eve to Bear and the lovely Luna.  Although many immediately think of newborn puppies when they look to adopt, there is a hidden treasure in bringing home one that’s just a little further along in their development.  Just think of the value in skipping the nightly wake-ups every two hours.  You could go home with a puppy who is finished with their vaccine schedule and already crate trained!!  

We also have a few puppies unspoken for from Amber and Hippo’s litter! 

At Discovery Hill, all of our puppies are raised and socialized with teens, tweens, a diverse “woof pack” of all ages, and other household pets.  (If you come, my youngest son, who is nine, may try to play salesman with you.) 

We use ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) to develop confidence, begin crate and potty training, and we raise all our dogs indoors. We added Avidog into our protocols this year!  Happy, healthy licks and hops are throughout our house … why not yours, too?

Offering zoom call interviews, full site visits, and meet-halfway transportation at breeder’s discretion.

Pet contract 
Prices Listed Below at $2,250 plus Tax
$250 Deposit to reserve 
* 3-year Health Guarantee * Up-to-date vaccines & deworming * AKC pre-paid registration *  “Welcome home” gift bag

Available Pets: Available Pets


Black & White - Natural Bobtail
We expect Chandler to be around 55-60 pounds when full grown.  And he’s already hit 40!

Chandler is very sweet and very playful.  Always the funny man, Chandler will make you crack up.  His soft side, though, makes you want to just cuddle him forever.  Doing great with his trainings, Chandler is an active guy who will want to join you to play outside.
Chandler is full of energy. 



Black tri male.  Full tail.
We expect Benson to be 50-60 pounds when fully grown.

Benson is the most talkative of this bunch! He may be little, but he is not shy!  Between his little grunts and Liir’s pig snorts, if there’s something going on in their little world, we will know.  It’s a joy to watch him grow and hear him vocalize (in his own funny way) what he thinks and feels.  Love this little dude.



Blue merle, male.  Full tail.
We expect Woodstock to be between 50-60 pounds when fully grown.

Woodstock had us clutching our pearls when he was first born - except for a few gray stripes on his back, he looked almost white!  But like the true class act that he is, as he is growing, we can see his puppy coat is showing a beautiful light grey with faint stripes.  He’s a classic, beautiful blue merle, and he trots about in his stately manner as if he never doubted himself for a moment.
A sweet, sweet boy, he can often be found snuggling and playing with his sister Quechee, who has similar markings.  (Interested followers may take delight in the fact that Quechee has already found a home and will be adopting the name “Lady Amalthea” in honor of Fainche’s litters’ theme.)

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