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It’s Spring Fever in Vermont!  All our “fertile myrtles” have offspring to choose from!
Bear has been busy … we have two boys of his who are four months, a beautiful red girl currently on hold, and three newborns that just arrived!  And Amber has a litter on its way.

Ross and Chandler were born on Christmas Eve to Bear and the lovely Luna.  Both pups are four months old now and a little further along in their development.  Just think of the value in skipping the nightly wake-ups every two hours.  You could go home with a puppy who is further along in their vaccine schedule and already crate trained!!  

Fainche had her litter from Bear on May 6, 2024.  We have a few clients from our waitlist entitled to their picks, but we are also interviewing new homes until final picks are made!

At Discovery Hill, all of our puppies are raised and socialized with teens, tweens, a diverse “woof pack” of all ages, and other household pets.  (If you come, my youngest son, who is nine, may try to play salesman with you.) 

We use ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) to develop confidence, begin crate and potty training, and we raise all our dogs indoors.  Presently working puppy culture and Avidog into our protocols!  Happy, healthy licks and hops are throughout our house … why not yours, too?

Offering zoom call interviews, full site visits, and meet-halfway transportation at breeder’s discretion.

Pet contract 
Prices Listed Below
$250 Deposit to reserve 
* 3-year Health Guarantee * Up-to-date vaccines & deworming * AKC pre-paid registration *  “Welcome home” gift bag

Available Pets: Available Pets


Black & White, Full Tail
$2,250 plus VT Sales Tax

Black and white boy with full tail, white tip.  Speckle of white on back of neck.  Son of Bear and Fainche, birthdate 5/6/24.
Personality will develop by week 4.



Black Tri, Full Tail
$2,250 plus VT sales tax

Black tri pup with full tail, white tip.  Personality will develop around week 4.
Son of Bear and Fainche, birthdate 5/6/24.



Blue Merle, Natural Bobtail
$2,250 plus VT sales tax

Blue Merle boy with natural bobtail.  
Reservation pending. 
Applications to program welcome.



Black & White - Natural bobtail
Pet Contract:  $2,250 plus VT sales tax

Playful, curious, and handsome, Ross is also elegant and thoughtful.  You can almost see the lightening in his eyes as he thinks about his next move!  

Loyal Ross is a lover.  We’ve watched him take toys, treats, & treasures and make a plan with them … he likes to bury them outside, then come back for them later.  And he especially loves teasing his brothers with his hard-earned rewards!

This guy is about four months old and we think he’s a hoot.  He would love to have someone to love all to himself.  Can you see him through our eyes?  If so, reach out.

We expect Ross to grow up to be around 50-60lbs based on his current growth.



Black & White - Natural Bobtail
Pet Contract - $2,250 plus VT sales tax

Chandler is very sweet and very playful.  Always the funny man, Chandler will make you crack up.  His soft side, though, makes you want to just cuddle him forever.  Doing great with his trainings, Chandler is an active guy who will want to join you to play outside.

Chandler is full of energy.  We expect him to grow up to be around 50-60lbs.



$250 to reserve puppy pick; $2,250 total plus applicable tax.
Hurry … the waitlist is almost half full already!

Amber had her babies with Hippo a little early on May 9.  No wonder why … she had ten!! Fainche has “adopted” three and is helping rear them.  Both girls are so happy, so proud.  This could not have worked out better. 

We have two strong red Merle’s, four blue Merle’s, two lightly colored red Merle’s, one black tri and a red tri available.  All have tails!!

This litter is being handled through “puppy pick,” meaning those with deposits will be able to choose in the order in which they locked in.  Picks will be finalized in Week 4, when we encourage you to coordinate with us to see their personalities in person!

If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please get in touch. 

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