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What Drives Us

At Discovery Hill Australian Shepherds, we have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into something to share with others who love the breed.  We breed our animals to fit in as incredible family pets and take health seriously.  Temperament is even more important than beauty, but we look to deliver on both. 

We socialize the puppies early so they will fit right in with their forever homes. Genetically selected for a good temperament and reinforced by nurture - we want this to be the best dog you’ve ever had.  Part of that is knowing what to expect of the breed so that their needs mesh with yours.  We will work with our applicants to ensure each puppy is a good fit for each family before going to their forever home.

We don’t believe in docking tails or removing dewclaws … Banned in most European countries, studies show the practice does not offer the benefits that it has long been rumored to give the dogs.  Docking also has measurable drawbacks to the quality of a dog’s life.  

That said, we love the (American) breed-standard appearance of our wiggle butts just as much as anyone else.  For that reason, we offer puppies from our natural bob-tail stud as well as puppies with full tails.  You will have a choice when you reserve with us as to which tail-type you would prefer.

We go above and beyond the health testing and recommendations for our dogs … they are our family, and one day their puppies will be yours!  

At the end of the day, this is about adding a family member to your life.  We want you to have realistic expectations (the first year of raising a puppy is hard work!!), but we also want you to explore your questions with us.  Dog parenting is similar to human parenting - the more educated and responsive you are to what they need, the better the relationship will be, long-term.  Contact us today to get the process started.

See more information on the AKC and the parent breed club (ASCA) testing recommendations at:

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