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At Discovery Hill Australian Shepherds, we know that exceptional parents make exceptional puppies. Our selection of dames is top class with a variety of form and disposition.  From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.  You will fall in love all over again with this intelligent breed when you meet our girls and their pups!

Females: Females


Eden is a happy-go-lucky girl that loves her people.  At 50 pounds or so in between litters, she’s at the top of the scale for breed standard in terms of weight.  And yet … she still has not figured out she’s not a lap dog.  That girl loves to love.  Full tail; dew claws!

Eden has been a joyous addition to our program from Abundant Life Ranch in Wisconsin.  Looking great on OFA’s and genetic testing, she is dually registered with both the AKC and ASDR.

Prelim OFA Hips:  Good
Prelim OFA Elbows:  Normal (Negative L/R)
Full Panel Genetic Testing - all Normal/Clear results

See my results at PawPrint Pedigrees:

Did you know?  OFA Hip Prelims are 94% accurate when receiving a Good rating at 12 months.  Eden was tested at 12 months and will go in for her finals shortly!



With her gentle demeanor, bandit markings, and her big blue eyes, Luna has completely captivated us.  Luna’s elegant nature, delicate frame, and gorgeous blue Merle coat are an unbeatable combination.  

The daughter of a service dog and sister to Hippo, we are offering puppies from her and Bear this winter.  AKC/ASCA/ASDR registered and 100% purebred.  Luna reminds us that new beginnings can be a wonderful adventure with the right friend by your side.

Prelim OFA Hips:  Good
Prelim OFA Elbows:  Negative/Normal
OFA eyes:  Normal

Full Panel Genetic Testing:  All Normal/Clear
See my results at



Brigit is the perfect example of a brilliant Aussie pup that can get into trouble if we don’t give her a job!  She’s so smart, and so nimble, that we knew from the get-go that her sweetness belies a little mischief.  Training went miles with her.  It’s been a blast building trust with her and watching her blossom.

Brigit came to us with an undisclosed hereditary, congenital eye disease, which means that she is not recommended by veterinarians for breeding. We put our money where our mouth is when we say we’re serious about producing healthy dogs - despite the breeding rights we own for her, we had her spayed on Aug. 2, 2023.

She’ll stay on with us, taking an “early retirement,” but you can still expect to see lots of pictures of her as she grows up.  She is a fantastic candidate for agility and we hope to show off all the things this breed is capable of when paired with a nurturing family!



Fainche (pronounced “Finch”) comes to us from a breeder down in South Carolina.  Originally from Texas, Fainche is low-drive and our most people-friendly adult.  “She’s a traitor for a treat!” They said when we met her, and we agree!  This girl loves everyone.

We plan to experiment by breeding her with our higher-drive sire Hippo for the more traditional Aussie temperament, and with Bear for what we believe will produce a slightly more mellow litter.  Fainche is such a good girl - another Aussie “hugger,” we are so proud to add her to our program!

OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows:  Normal
OFA Eyes:  Normal
Full Panel Genetic Testing:  MDR1/Clear on all other counts 
See my results at Canine Health Center



Amber was born and raised in Blacksburg, South Carolina, and she came to us in March 2024.  Amber loves her pack and has quickly settled in, adopting us as her own.  We love her bright, happy eyes and her big fluffy coat.

OFA Elbows:  Normal
OFA Hips: Excellent 
OFA Eyes:  Normal (noninherited scar from previous eye injury)
Full Panel Genetic Testing:  MDR1/Clear on all other counts
See my results at Canine Health Center:

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