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Summer Love, Puppy Fuzz

We are thrilled to introduce a partnership between Discovery Hill and Twisted Doods!  Our dear friend Jason decided to venture into breeding using our sire, Hippo, to produce a gorgeous litter of Aussiedoodles.  The dam, Borealis, is the F1 progeny of a standard poodle and standard Aussie.  We were blown away by the phenomenal temperament of Bori when we met her, and her puppies take after her beautifully.  Jason decided to use our Hippo to create a more abstract look for the pups.  His vision also emphasizes the Australian Shepherd features in this carefully crafted F1b litter of Aussiedoodles; namely bred for intelligence, loyalty, and personality. 

The result is a calm, highly intuitive batch of pups that are being hand-reared on a farm in Lyndonville, Vermont.  With 11 total coming out of this litter, there are still a few of these pups available.  We have listed them in partnership with him.  Check out their website for more details!

Birthdate was 4/19/24 - these pups are ready to go home today!  

Price is $2,250 plus Vermont sales tax, where applicable.  

Offering zoom calls, site visits, and meet halfway at breeder’s discretion

AussieDoodle Partners: Twisted Doods


This gal is the most like her momma in the litter.  Very observant (can you see her brown eyes under that mop of hair?) and sooo eager to be loved, she is another baby that features “Velcro Aussie” personality traits.  Come meet them both - you won’t want to leave her behind.

Hilma loves to chew - you’ll want to stock up on Kong toys if you take this one home!  They say that chewing produces dopamine in dogs … and Hilma is one happy pup.  Correlation or causation? We don’t think it matters … Hilma is awesome.

With the Aussiedoodle lines being bred back to Australian Shepherds, we are not seeing the stereotypical dominance in Aussie females (or males in Poodles) in this litter.  So you really can't go wrong in choosing a gender for your puppy - it's all about who you bond with.

Anticipated full grown weight: 40-50 lbs.



But look twice!  That’s not Goya again … it’s his sister Marina!  Marina is sweet, almost all black except a tiny bit of white on her sock, and has more of the classic Aussie coat features while remaining low-shed.

Marina is calm, gentle, and waiting to meet you.  Come see her - you’ll want to take her home. 

Anticipated full grown weight: 40-50 lbs.



But those blue eyes!!!  Dash is playful, sweet, affectionate, and all the things we love about an Aussiedoodle.  His temperament is just a notch toned down from the traditional Australian Shepherd’s drive, without losing the loyalty … which is exactly what Jason was aiming for when he bred this litter.

Anticipated full grown weight: 50-60 lbs.



Eva is a sweet, sweet girl with traditional doodle-like coat features.  Low shed, curly baby … it’s hard to believe she hadn’t found a home yet.

Eva is on the mellow side and will hang back before trying to go on climbing adventure while another sibling is trying to escape.  Come meet her cute little face.



Louise is a gorgeous black and white doodle with straight-ish guard hairs.  Those probing deep wells she has for eyes run deep.  Trained with vocal commands and praise motivated, this girl is thoughtful, gentle, and absolutely gorgeous.

Anticipated full grown weight: 40-50 lbs.

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